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Bridge to Resolve has a mission to help families navigate the intricate landscape of parenting challenges with troubled teens in today’s world.

Our dedication to affordable solutions drives us to facilitate targeted services catering to teenagers. Our mission emphasizes simplicity and impact: we’re here to steer both teens and families towards transformative healing. The core of our efforts lies in surmounting financial barriers, achieved through an innovative strategy that combines matching funds with collaborative family endeavors. By harnessing tailored placement resources, we ensure access to top-tier programs that harmonize with financial capacities and the unique needs of your teens. Embark on this journey of healing and growth, and let us be your guiding light.

For over 17 years, my expertise has been devoted to assisting clients in overcoming obstacles and achieving their goals through the noteworthy Bridge to Resolve method. Whether it’s for YOU directly, your family, or someone within your circle, I’m committed to guiding individuals past roadblocks that hinder successful living.

  • I don’t know where to get help for my teen​
  • I can’t afford an expensive residential program
  • Will others help me get the funding needed?
  • Are there steps I can take with my teen at home?
  • What are my range of options?  


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Sean Elsmore, CEO

How I’ll Help You

Customized Solutions for Families of Troubled Teens

At Bridge to Resolve, we believe in working together. Our goal is to give you top-notch resources that match your budget and your teen’s needs.

We’re here to find the right program that supports your struggling teen. Bridge to Resolve is dedicated to helping your family heal and grow. Your teen has a bright future ahead, and we can make it happen together. Our Bridge to Resolve method stays focused, but how we work with you can be adjusted. We can chat over the phone, online, or in person—whatever suits you.

Our one-time $89 fee covers it all. Call now, without obligation, to learn more. Let’s Team up and reach your goals!